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Draw Schedule Week Schedule with Sunday Racing

Draw Schedule
Week Schedule with Sunday Racing

Day Draw for Scratch Time
Monday Friday & Sat. (Draw 4:00PM) Tue. - 10:00AM
Tuesday Sun. & Mon. (Draw 9:00 AM) Thurs. - 10:00AM (Sun) & 10:00PM(Mon)
Wednesday No Racing - No Draw
Thursday No Draw
Friday Thursday (Draw 4:00PM) Mon. 10:00PM

. Qualifiers will be held Fridays. Box will close on Thursday at 4:00PM.

. Note all Driver change and scratch times are scheduled above with the exception of the Double Draw on Tuesday, November 25th (Thanksgiving week). All scratches and Driver changes for Sunday, November 29 and Monday, November 30 will close on Wednesday, November 26 at 10AM.


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