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Entitled from Comment From Left at the Gate Blog

Entitled from Comment From Left at the Gate Blog
It's all nonsense: Forum on casino expansion gets emotional. ("It's all nonsense" is actually a quote from a casino supporter, though it doesn't come off that way to me.)
Anti-casino activist David Blankenhorn thinks the gambling industry is engaged in "a sterile predatory activity that only takes money from people without giving them ... anything of value in return."
Blankenhorn was out-numbered, not only 3-to-1 on the panel, but also by Jeff Gural asking questions from the audience!
Why shouldn't someone in Binghamton, a retired person who wants to spend $30 at a slot machine be able to go to spend $30 in a slot machine?....Why should you dictate what someone should do with their money?" [Capitol New York]
Seriously, Jeff? That's the best you can do....the big soda argument? Why shouldn't he then be able to go hire a prostitute or score some weed?

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