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Yonkers Bettors Continue to Take Advantage of Free Added Money

Last night at Yonkers Raceway, more than $1,500 was added to the Pick 5 pool when the total amount wagered fell short of the $10,000 guaranteed pool amount. Since the 50 cent Pick 5 debuted at Yonkers in mid-June, more than $25,000 has been added to Pick 5 pools for bettors on Mondays and Tuesdays on the 19 different nights when the advertised guarantee was not met.

"The 50 cent Pick 5 at Yonkers continues to be a very attractive wager for horseplayers," said Joe Faraldo President of the Standardbred Owners Association of New York. "We wanted to choose a guaranteed pool amount that was actually going to mean something. It's a bet that will handle $6,000 or $7,000 on the weekends but we went ahead and guaranteed $10,000 on Mondays and Tuesdays. The bettors can handicap their Pick 5 tickets knowing that there's a good chance there would be some free money added into the pools. This couldn't be done without the cooperation of both the track and horsemen, but both Yonkers Raceway and the SOA of New York have been very supportive in creating this opportunity for bettors."

Through just over three months of wagering, the 50 cent Pick 5 has had an average nightly pool size of $8,250. There have been 10 nights with a carryover and on those nights, the average amount of new money wagered was $17,323 so on non-carryover nights the average pool size has been $6,788. The average 50 cent payout has been $1,634, including a record $12,063 payout to one winning 50 cent combination on August 24.

The 50 cent Pick 5 continues tonight at Yonkers Raceway with another $10,000 guaranteed pool beginning in Race 5. The Pick 5 is offered every night at Yonkers Raceway on races five through nine and carries the $10,000 guaranteed pool every Monday and Tuesday. If nobody correctly selects all five winners, the entire net pool is carrier over to the next racing program.

The USTA's Strategic Wagering Program also partners on the guaranteed Pick 5 pools at Yonkers and free program pages are available at www.trackmaster.com/usta.

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